Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal

ISSN: 2474-7750

A Longitudinal Flap of Vena Cava in Live Donor a Safe Option for Adding Elongation at Least10mm in Vein of Right Kidney


Author(s): Mohsen Mohammad Rahimi, Alireza Farshi, Farzad Kakaei, Afshar Zomorrodi

Introduction: To treat chronic kidney, kidney transplantation is the most efficient way especially when donor is alive, in such a way that survival tie can be increased in the best possible way. In this regard, major problem is short renal vein resulting in thrombosis. To elongate the vein length, there is a technique that we report in this study. Materials and Methods: The technique of interest is this that at the time of dissection of venae cava and renal vein, it should be tried to put vein of vena cava 1cm above and 1cm below of renal vein. In addition, kidney must be placed in right iliac of kidney done. Results: Patients discharged in good condition after two days. In our cases, there was no tension in the site of anastomosis showing safe condition. Conclusion: Longitudinal flap of vena cava accompanied by a suitable cuff can in-crease about I cm length of renal vein

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