Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal

ISSN: 2474-7750

Risk Evaluation of Loss in Professional Efficiency, Health, and Work Safety Using Psychophysiological Factors


Author(s): valentyn Kalnysh , Roksolana Stasyshyn , Marianna Oliskevych

A transformation in modern production and an increase in workload

requires an improvement in the occupational psychophysiological selection, the search

for new approaches for its implementation, and the creation of special ways for the

evaluation of the psychophysiological state of workers. The aim of this investigation is

to develop an approach for the quantitative evaluation of the efficient reduction in risk

in worker’s occupational activity, and the probability of health and safety depletion

during the entire life period of work.

Materials and Methods:

The investigation is

based on the data of 110 psychophysiological indicators, received from a survey that

encompassed the workers of operative service in electric power engineering industry of

Ukraine. The data was examined using statistical tools, factor analysis, and multivariate

regression models.


The developed technique made it possible to determine the

statistical significance and to estimate the impact of the important phychophysiological

factors on the level of success in the occupational activity of workers under dangerous

circumstances. The model includes the variable that describes the age of the worker and

provides analysis for 4 categories of ages.


The important factors that

influence the risk of reduction in occupational efficiency of the workers are variability,

the total error, and the number of positive values according to the pendulum methodolo-

gy; the average reaction time according to the square-circle technique; variability

according to the square technique; and adaptability and time of the task performance

according to the adaptability methodology. The workers belonging to the same age

group do not significantly change the risk of depletion in their occupational efficiency

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