Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal

ISSN: 2474-7750

Value Engineering in Health Care: Part I. Basics and Methods


Author(s): Dr. Hamidreza Dehghan1, Maryam Nikfard2*, Mozhgan Salamatian2

Nowadays, value engineering (VE) has been regarded as a strategic means to reduce the organizational costs in terms of purchases and value chain. Health care costs are increasingly growing, and the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services become more and more important. Healthcare providers such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers can benefit from value engineering as a technique to present the highest quality while maintaining the patient volumes and affording the costs of success assurance.
The present article is the output of a project about applying value engineering in health care. Since VE has been less studied in services and particularly in health care, the authors decided to present their work in two parts. The first section of this paper addresses the introduction, application and implication of value engineering in healthcare and the second chapter, in the form of a scoping review, presents savings made by value engineering in various healthcare departments.

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