Internal Medicine and Medical Investigation Journal

ISSN: 2474-7750

Difficult airway management with a King Vision Video Laryngoscope in an anticipated patient and an unexpected patient: two scenarios, one device


Author(s): Eugenio Martinez-Hurtado, Miriam Sanchez-Merchante, Javier Ripolles-Melchor

The King Vision Video Laryngoscope is a relatively new device that has been incorporated in our daily surgical practice, intensive care unit, and remote areas. It has become one of the main alternatives to the rescue of a failed intubation, a tool to manage patients with difficult intubation predictors, and the first choice in ventilate and not-intubate situations. Case Presentation: In this case report, we present the management of two difficult airway cases: one in an induced patient and the other in an anticipated patient, according to the Canadian Airway Focus Group difficult airway recommendations. Conclusion: The King Vision Video Laryngoscope is effective in most adult patients and can be used with a mouth opening of at least 13 mm. Even is an effective dispositive, it has yet to show results in the management both conventional airway both difficult airway in routine clinical practice.

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